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Moving Tips

              3-4 Weeks Prior to Moving

  • Hold a garage sale, donate, sell, or trash unnecessary items
  • Acquire packing materials (boxes, tape, stuffing/padding)
  • Return borrowed, checked-out, and rented items
  • Get things back that you have lent out
  • Label boxes by room and contents
  • Separate valuable items to transport yourself – label as DO NOT MOVE
  • Keep a box out for storing pieces, parts, and essential tools that you will want to keep with you on move day – label as PARTS/DO NOT MOVE

    One Week Prior to Moving
  • Review all your moving plans and tie up loose ends
  • Call ahead to arrange utility connections prior to your arrival
  • Arrange to have the cable, phone services and other utilities terminated
  • Keep your home insured until possession date
  • Be sure refrigerators and freezers are thoroughly cleaned, empty, defrosted and aired out prior to the move
  • If you are unable to clean the home, there are professionals available who will do it for you
  • Pack items separately that you will need right away at your new place
  • Find useful things for your children to do – involve them as much as possible

     2-4 Days Prior to Moving

  • Make a schedule or action plan for the day of the move
  • Continue cleaning the house as you are packing
  • Pack a bag for water bottles, pens/paper, snacks, documents, toilet paper, medication, and essentials 

               Move-out Day

  • Make sure that everything is in the same condition as existed when the home was purchased
  • Be sure that all trash and garbage is hauled away – if you don’t want it you can assume that the future homeowner does not either
  • Leave your home in a clean and presentable condition (this saves a lot of grief)
  • Leave extra keys (including mail key with box number), garage door openers and any pertinent information, such as manuals, in a kitchen drawer
  • Offer drinks, snacks, and beer; especially if the helpers are volunteers


It’s important to be considerate of the new homeowners moving into your home.  You should leave your home in the condition you would like your new home to be in.